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Beautiful Creeks

We are so grateful to live amongst such local beauty! A short walk from home are 2 beautiful bush tracks through creek valleys (not much water there at present) which link together in a wonder-full circuit walk. It is a little longer than normal, so we will share our snacks at the end in the lovely Stringybark Reserve (complete with playground and tables but no toilets). So if you really need to leave then, you can. The two delightful walks are Ferndale Park and Upper Stringybark Creek, which are linked by roads and quite a few steps. We would rate this walk as ‘moderate’ – more steps and greater distance than our average walk. As it is a loop, you need to commit for the whole walk.

DATE: Sunday 17 March
TIME: 3.15 for 3.30pm start. (This is a fairly cool walk. However, we will cancel if estimated 36C or above. Feel free to call Karen from 3pm if unsure – P: 0400 299 751)

Meeting PLACE: Stringybark Reserve near the entrance to the walk (top photo). There is plenty of street parking on Murray Street and Karilla Ave on either side of the reserve.
TRACK outline:
There is a mixture of road walking, bush tracks, steps, hills and flat sections. Ferndale Park (second photo) feels like a cool oasis on a hot day and is blessed with a diversity of wildlife and yes, many ferns and tall trees. Stringybark Creek abounds with brush turkeys, including a sizeable nest. We also pass Coolaroo Park wildlife refuge bush corridor.

Wear closed walking shoes, bring water, a walking pole if helpful, some nibbles to share. The walk will be ~1.5 hours duration followed by a snack break.

For those who wish to share dinner together afterwards, we will reconvene at Fourth Fish, Lane Cove Plaza at 6pm (or you can join us later). Either way, please let Karen know so a booking can be made.

An RSVP by Friday 15/3, 4pm would be appreciated if you are intending to come on the Walk and/or the Dinner. Please click on the blue envelope below to return email to Karen.

Hoping to see you soon!

Fun activities and offers from our sponsors

Walk & Wonder

March 17, 2019
3.15 for 3.30pm until 5pm

Meeting at the beautiful Stringybark reserve, Lane Cove North, near the entrance to Stringybark creek for a loop walk including Campbell Park and the Ferndale Walking track. Cool and refreshing with a variety of wildlife and ferns. Moderately easy but there are some steep sections and many steps when we emerge from Ferndale Park to complete our loop through Stringybark Creek. Surface is uneven and may be slippery when wet.

Free, but bring water bottle and a snack to share.

RSVP Karen Paull: e.

m. 0400 299 751

Did you say you wanted MORE FITNESS?

Introducing ** F45 Fitness training session**
PLUS a Pound Fitness class
PLUS sports, family activities, face painting, ice creams…

Games in the Park is never dull! This time F45 Training Artarmon will join us for a 45-minute outdoor workout to increase strength and fitness.

Amy will return with the popular and fun Pound Fitness where you can let out your inner drummer to some African drum beats while building strength and fitness.

Both professional fitness providers are offering their sessions free to us, but would appreciate a $5 (recommended) donation to Beyond Blue(now, or cash at the time). Make sure you wear suitable footwear and bring a drink bottle and towel for these sessions.

Our regular, all-inclusive sports – especially volleyball and table tennis – will still be there to welcome you, and there will be so much more…

A rough schedule:

2:30 Let the games begin! Table tennis, badminton, giant chess, cricket, bocce, kids soccer equipmentavailable. (And throughout the day).
3:00 Volleyball,face painting, origami, beading begin.
3:30 F45 Training Fitness Circuit with trainers on hand to guide you (no experience required – more suited to adults/teens)
4:15 Ice creams!!
4:30 Pound Fitness (all-age, no experience required)
5:00 Scavenger Hunt & Games for kids
5:30 Pack up

Don’t forget water bottle, hat, towel and sunscreen!  And some cash to donate to Beyond Blue.

The Details:

All welcome!

  • Helen Street reserve, 37 Helen Street, Lane Cove North
  • Sunday 24 February, 2.30-5.30pm
  • We will proceed if it’s just a shower or two but cancel for heavy rain or 36+ temperature.

Karen & David Paull & Josh Wyatt – Lane Cove Community Chaplaincy – 0400 299 751

Tai Chi

Soulful Fitness

Some ideas

  • Write down as many different kinds of activity as you can think of. Keep your list handy for when it’s time to get moving – having a wide ‘menu’ of activities to choose from will keep you interested and motivated.
  • YouTube is an amazing resource for free, guided exercise routines.
  • Have you ever thought of making a group exercise menu? Write down all the different activities, group sessions and fun events you can become involved in and enjoy the benefits of moving more with other people.
  • The Heart Foundation run several walking groups that operate on the north shore.
  • You can always give Park Run a try – a worldwide movement organising weekly 5km runs. They are open to everyone and are free, safe and easy to take part in. The closest Park Run to Lane Cove is in Willoughby
  • Make sure you stand up at least once every hour, even if it’s just to stretch or walk around for a few minutes.
  • Try adding ‘Move More’ to your daily ‘to do’ list.
  • Create an outdoor memory for your family and/or friends – think of some picnic venues, pack a lunch, a Frisbee, bat, ball and a wicket and spend the afternoon playing and relaxing – Lane Cove has plenty of parks – you will be spoilt for choice.
  • ‘Neighbours who know each other look out for each other’ – get to know your neighbours and do ‘Move More in March’ together.
  • If you hate the thought of exercise do a bit of re-framing! Change your thinking – think of it as simply ‘moving more’ or ‘being healthy’ and before you know it you’ll be increasing your daily activity without ever having to think about it!

Get Fitter With Litter

Get Fitter With Litter is a healthy, fun way to do our bit towards reducing plastic pollution. Whether you want a serious fitness program, a sociable walk, or just work a mild fitness program into your routine, Get Fitter With Litter will make you feel good.

When walking your dog, on your way to work, taking the kids to school or walking while socialising with friends, take a bag and pick up litter as you go. Those bits of plastic that you pick up will not be killing any birds, fish or other animals.

It’s not hard to form a group. You can adopt a park, a reserve, a waterway, some streets or part of your suburb. Take two bags one for rubbish and one for recycling. Wear gardening type gloves, good walking shoes and a hat.

Find out more at Get Fitter with Litter.

Lane Cove’s Tree Trails

Did you know that Lane Cove has three ‘Tree Trails’ – a choice of 1,2 or 3 km walks around the area so walkers can see, learn about and appreciate our beautiful trees.

Try out the new Seniors Exercise Equipment at Blackman Park, Lane Cove

This new equipment is specifically designed for seniors but is something that everyone can enjoy. Each part of the exercise station is designed to work the body in the areas of agility, strength and balance. There are different variations that you can do to make it simpler or harder.

Sally Castell, a physiotherapist who specialises in exercise and movement for seniors, will show you how to use the equipment safely. She will provide you with a book to record your work and includes photos and instructions for each part of the equipment.

When: Each Friday in from 1:15pm t0 2:15pm in February to help get your ready for the program on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd and in March to help continue your program and get some more steps up on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th

Where: Blackman Park – go through the car park and past the toilets. The exercise equipment is on the left hand side near the children’s playground.

If you would like to come to these free classes please RSVP to

Try a local Audio Tour

Did you know that Lane Cove has a ‘Village History’ and an ‘On the Streets Where you Live’ audio guide?

Download the App at the izi.TRAVEL website and learn more about Lane Cove or even try some other areas in Sydney that you haven’t been to before.

Bush Walks around Lane Cove

Get out and about in Lane Cove’s amazing bushland and parks. For more walks and details on the walks below see ‘Bushwalks Around Lane Cove’

Manns Point Lookout to Greenwich Baths – 1,250 steps (1km) – an easy grade return trip – one of the best spots to view activities on the upper harbour and Parramatta River

Shell Park to Greenwich Point – Distance: 2,000 steps (1.6km) – spectacular views along the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers.

Gore Creek Reserve – 1,500 steps – an easy grade track (1.2km) – a walk through a deep bush valley and some historical sights

Lane Cove Bushland Park – 1750 steps (1.4km) – see bowerbirds, superb blue wrens, rosellas, rainbow lorikeets and other native birds

Norm James Way – 1,875 steps – (1.5km) – pleasant views through bush and trees over golf course greens and fairways.

Tambourine Bay to Warraroon Reserve – 3,750 (3km) – diverse bushland from Blue Gum High Forest margins to the wetland communities and rainforest along the creek.

Tennyson Park – 2,500 steps return (2km) a long narrow valley of open forest of Blackbutt and Sydney red Gum. The rare Powerful Owl is sometimes seen in the valley.

Blackman Park to The Boreen – 3,250 (2.6km) – a waterside bushland walk with cliffs, trees and nice rocks to sit on to watch rowers, kayaks and ducks on the river.

Blackman Park to Epping Road – 4,375 steps (3.5km) – stunning bushland and water views along the Lane Cove River with excellent bird watching opportunities.

Try for some other walks in Lane Cove

Walk the Lane Cove Fun Run

The very successful Lane Cove Fun Run is held in September each year. Perhaps you could get in to training for it or just enjoy the route and use Move More in March as a launch for your fitness campaign. There are different levels to participate in – great for all the family too.

For young people has a whole heap of ideas to get you going when it comes to moving more. Look up their Hater’s guide to exercise: Why you should do it and how to get started

National and International Trails and Weekend Hikes

The world is your oyster in the virtual world – discover it’s far flung corners, walk the streets of exotic cities or in the footsteps taken by explorers. Make up your own virtual walks using the calculation of 1,250 steps per 1km

National and International Trails Weekend Hikes
Get Moving
  • The Inca Trail in Peru(42km) walking 1,690 steps every day in March
  • Cape to Cape track in Western Australia (135km) walking 5,440 steps every day in March
  • The Kokoda Trail (96km) walking 3,870 steps every day in March
  • Tour Du Mont Blanc in France (160km) walking 6,450 steps every day in March
  • The Fish Canyon in Namibia (160km) walking 6,450 steps every day in March
  • Walk to the Source of the Ganges. Walking from Delhi to Gumukh (470km) will take 5 people 3,790 steps everyday throughout March
  • The Inca Trail in Peru(42km) walk as a team of 4 for the weekend doing 6,560 steps a day
  • The Everest Base Camp (112km) as a team of 10 people walking 7,000 steps per day
  • Circumnavigate Mt. Kailash in Tibet (52km) by walking 8,125 steps in a team of 4 each day.
  • Climb the Footprint of Buddha in Sir Lanka (7km) by walking 2,187 steps per day in a team of 2
  • Climb South Korea’s Cheonwangbong Peak (32km) by walking 5,000 steps over the weekend in a team of 4
  • Walk China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge (17km) by walking 5,300 steps per day in a team of two
  • Complete the Dana Trek to Petra, Jordan (14km) by walking 4,375 steps in a team of two over the weekend
  • Walk the Valley of the Flowers in India (14km) by walking 8,750 steps per day.
New PB
  • The Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory (223km) walking 8,990 steps every day in March
  • The Australian Alps Walking Track (665km) walking 6,700 steps per day as a team of 4 people every day in March
  • The Bibbulum Track in Western Australia (963km) walking 9,700 steps per day as a team of 4 people every day in March
  • The Camino de Santiago Pilgramage, in Spain (780km) walking 7 862 steps each day as a team of 4 people every day in March.
  • Complete the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal (160km) by walking 6 451 steps every day in March
  • Walking the distance from The Dead Sea to Wadi Rum in Jordan (282km) will take 11,370 steps each day in March to complete.
  • The Everest Base Camp (112km) as a team of 4 people walking 17,500 steps per day
  • The Chilkoot Trail through Alaska and Canada (53km) as a team of 4 people walking 8,280 steps per day
  • A team of 4 could climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (56km) walking 8,750 steps per day over the weekend
  • The Ancascocha Trail in Peru (56km) can be completed by a team of 4 people walking 8,750 steps each day
  • A team of 3 could complete the Kohechi route of the Kumano Koda pilgrimage in Japan (70km) by walking 14,580 steps over the weekend
  • The Bhrigu Lake Trek, India (29km) can be completed by a team of two by walking 9,060 steps each day
Step Ahead
  • The Australian Alps Walking Track (665km) walking 13,400 steps per day as a team of 2 people every day in March
  • The Bibbulum Track in Western Australia (963km) walking 19,400 steps per day as a team of 2 people every day in March
  • The Great Dividing Trail in the southern parts of Australia’s Great Dividing Range (297km) walking 11,975 steps a day for every day in March
  • The Sierra High Route California (312km) will take 12,580 steps every day in March to complete
  • Crossing the Arctic Circle in Sweden (448km) will take 18,060 steps each day in March to complete
  • The Chilkoot Trail through Alaska and Canada (53km) as a team of 2 people walking 16,560 steps per day
  • A team of 2 could climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (56km) walking 17,500 steps per day over the weekend
  • The Ancascocha Trail in Peru (56km) can be completed by a team of 2 people walking 17,500 steps each day
  • A team of 4 could climb to Mt. Huashan’s sky teahouse, in China (120 km) walking 18,750 steps throughout the weekend.
  • A team of 4 could walk the Chadar Trek in India (105km) walking 16,400 steps each day over the weekend.