What is Move More in March?

Move More in March is a community fitness program developed in Lane Cove to encourage people to get more movement throughout their day. It is open to everyone, regardless of where they live, their age and ability. The program can be completed as an individual or as a team of people.

The different levels of the program mean that people can select a level that they feel comfortable with. Steps and other forms of activity are logged and shown on a graph on each participant’s home page and tallied as an overall community achievement.

What is the timeframe?

The number of steps taken between 1- 31 March are recorded as part of the Move More in March program. After these dates participants can continue to log their steps for personal use.

Please note: The last day for logging your steps and other physical activity will be Monday 8 April at 9:00am (morning) – the website will then be closed to enable prize winners to be finalised. It will then re-open to allow you to continue logging your steps until February 2020.

How do I register?

Please register here

Who can join?

The program based in Lane Cove but open to everyone, regardless of where they live, their age and ability.

What is the cost?

It costs $10 to join the program.

Do I have to log my steps every day?

No, you don’t need to log every day if you are using the Move More in March App because the logging is done automatically for you. If you are not using the App you can log every few days if you prefer, just keep a record and select the relevant date on your personal home page and log your steps or minutes of activity when you want to.

If you are in a team it may be preferable to log every day so your team members can see what you are doing. If you are being competitive, logging every day may help inspire other competitive participants and encourage a robust competition! Don’t forget to log your steps by 9:00am 8 April when the program counting wraps up.

Where does my payment go?

All money received by Move More in March is invested back into the community to purchase exercise stations in public parks in Lane Cove.

What does the App do?

The App is like a pedometer but is on your phone. Press ‘Start’ at the beginning of the day and carry your phone with you. Press ‘Stop’ at the end of the day and your steps will be automatically logged onto your step tally on your personal home page of the website. If you do other forms of exercise, like a gym class or a game of tennis, you can log onto your personal home page and put in the minutes of exercise or any other steps manually.

The App is available from the Move More in March website and the App Store. It is suitable for both IOS and Android operating systems.

Can I take part if I use a wheelchair?

This program is inclusive of all people no matter what your fitness level or ability. If you use a wheelchair you have two options to convert your physical activity into a step count.

1. Attach an odometer to your chair so that you can track the distance travelled. Odometers can be purchased from bicycle shops. You can then convert the distance to steps using the following guide: 1km = 1,250 steps.

2. Record the time spent in a physical activity (moderate or high intensity) and enter the time in minutes on the website. This will then be converted to the equivalent number of steps.

I have trouble walking, can I still be involved?

Yes, you can swim, cycle, do aqua aerobics or choose any other type of physical activity that is within your capability and comfortable for you to do. Record the time spent doing the activity (at either a low, moderate or high intensity) and enter the time in number of minutes on the website. This will then be converted to the equivalent number of steps.

I haven’t taken part in a physical activity for some time; can I still join the program?

Absolutely, however we would recommend that you first consult with your Doctor to ensure it is safe for you to do so. The ‘Move More’ level in the program is for those starting out. In this level no-one will see what you do, and you don’t even have to record your steps if you don’t want to – it’s totally private.

Do other forms of exercise count?

Yes. There is a step converter for different activities on your personal home page – decide the corresponding level of intensity (low, moderate or intense) and record the number of minutes spent in the activity. These minutes of exercise will be converted to an equivalent number of steps.

How do I get started?

The first step is to join the program from the home page.

Can I join only via the Website?

No – you can join at the Move More in March tent in the Lane Cove Plaza on any Saturday in February, between 10:00am and 12:00noon. Cash payments only.